Welcome to the Highland Business Association’s 36th annual Highland Fest. 

This year’s event dates are July 19, 20 & 21. We anticipate over 60,000+ people to visit Highland Village during these three days.  Please note Highland Fest as been reduced from a full three day festival to two days on Ford Parkway (July 20th & 21st).  There will be limited vendor space available at the Rec Center for three days (July 19, 20 & 21).   
Your acceptance into Highland Fest™ is at the sole discretion of the committee and the Board of Directors of the Highland Business Association (HBA).  Placement of concession booths will be governed by the order in which applications are received and past participation.  Deadline for application is March 15, 2019.  Notification of acceptance will be in writing no later than April 16, 2019.   
Upon acceptance, all food vendors will be required to submit a copy of an approved food permit from the City of St. Paul, a certificate of insurance in the amount of one million dollars naming the Highland Business Association/Highland Fest™ 2019 as a second insured, and proof of Minnesota State Sales Tax Payer ID Number.  Submission of these documents will be required prior to June 6, 2019.  Failure to supply these copies on or before this date shall nullify the Highland Fest™ 2019’s duties under this agreement.  No refunds will be granted after June 15, 2018. (Map)   






Vending Hours: ·        
 Friday, July 19:            5:00 pm  - 10:00 pm     (Rec Center only)·
 Saturday, July 20:        10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (10:00 p.m. at the Rec Center)·         
Sunday, July 21:          10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Set-up at the Rec Center will be allowed beginning at 12:00 pm on Friday, July 20. Absolutely no early arrivals will be accepted.  You must check in with the vendor coordinator upon arrival before setting up.   

Set-up on Ford Parkway will be allowed beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19.  Absolutely no early arrivals will be accepted.  Ford Parkway will not be closed until 7:00 pm.  You must check in with the vendor coordinator upon arrival before setting up.    

Trash: You are responsible for the removal of surplus products, booth parts, pallets, grease, coals, etc.  Failure to remove your own trash will affect your ability to participate in any future HBA events and may incur an additional clean up fee.    

Recycling: You are required to recycle all paper, plastic, aluminum and glass recyclable products.  There will be recycling receptacles on site and there will be a designated recycling pick up time by event staff during the event.  For your convenience, the pick up times for these recyclable items will be communicated to you before event start.    

Beverages: Absolutely no food vendors will be allowed to sell any beverages unless approved by the Highland Business Association.    

For any additional information required or questions, please contact Highland Fest Staff at: info@highlandfest.com.

A $450 down payment must be received for application to be complete, which will be applied to the total cost.  Down payment will be returned by May 1st if you are not selected . Only one deposit is required if there are multiple space requests.  Down payment will not be refunded upon vendor cancellation.  Violations of Highland Fest rules and regulations may result in forfeiture of down payment and exclusion from participation, both during the event and in following years.     
BOOTH FEE: Fees are based on date, size and membership.  The majority of the food spaces are on Ford Parkway.  There are additional vendors at the Hillcrest Recreational Center.  This is for SPACE ONLY.  There will be no electrical or water provided at any location.  All power needs must be met with your own generator and your generator must be insulated for sound. If your generator is not insulated properly you may be asked to find a solution.  All power cords running from your generator to your booth must be safely secured and clearly marked. All areas will be inspected to ensure the safety of Highland Fest guests, staff, vendors, etc.

790 Cleveland Avenue South, Suite 219     I    St. Paul, MN 55116      I      651-493-4087